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Dick cook alaska
Sources of Power - Dr.
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National Park Service gets its man, and a whole lot more - Anchorage Daily News
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There are bugs and bears and salmon, of course, but on the northernmost stretches of the Yukon, people are the endangered species. Long bleak winters, short muggy summers, floods and blizzards have kept everyone but the die-hards and crackpots away.
Dick cook alaska
It's not like there's much in the way of public services left in this country.
Dick cook alaska
Yukon-Charley Project Jukebox
Dick cook alaska
THEY found the old trapper's body floating at the mouth of the Tatonduk, a few miles upstream from Eagle, the first settlement on the Alaskan side of the Yukon.
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When writer John McPhee arrived on the Yukon River in the mids, he encountered men and women living as far from civilization as they could manage. She ended up in Tok, not having the money to go further, and picked up work at a cafe.
Dick cook alaska
A letter to Mother Jones readers from David Corn.
Dick cook alaska
The Last Breakup – Mother Jones
Cook alaska Dick

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